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The concert is over and you are realizing that you never knew you had so many favorite CCR songs. You just had a CREEDENCE REVELATION! This presentation by Randy Linder and his band is second to none. They have entertained audiences from California to New York with the beloved hits that came from CCR between the years of 1968 and 1972 and a few of John Fogerty's solo hits. Randy has been in the music buisiness since 1968 and has attained National and International status since developing this salute to John Fogerty and CCR in the year 2000. Past performances include several Las Vegas engagements, shows in Guam and a show in Mexico with an entusiastic audience of 14,000 CCR fans. Randy's authenticity shines through with the visual resemblance, the voice, the lead guitar style and even the rockin' blues harp played by John Fogerty, a singer/songwriter who played a huge roll in shaping American music culture.


"You guys ROCK!
I can tell it comes from the heart.."
J. Kurt Luger (Executive Director)
Great Plains Indian Gaming Association

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Randy perform at Casino Del Sol.
The music was spot on and his performance was excellent.
Just as important was that he was a pleasure to work with and loves to perform."
James Christensen (Marketing Director)
Del Sol Casino, Tucson AZ

"The main comment I heard was how much like the original CCR it sounded. Great show!"
Destiney Tinno (Promotions and Special Events Coordinator)
Fort Hall Casino, Pocatello,Idaho

"One of the best tributes we have heard here"
Esther Carter
Fremont Street Experience - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Randy kept our crowd very entertained. It was excellent"
Nancy Novak
River Palms Casino - Laughlin, Nevada

"The show was awsome! We will have you back next year"
Bobby Hite
Colgate University - Hamilton, New York

"He's quite a talent, and it was a great show"
Avista Magazine (Holiday Edition)
Las Vegas, Nevada

"He did catch the magic!
He has been headlining showrooms across the U.S."
Entertainer Magazine
Laughlin, Nevada


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